Azul Kechi reveals the enticing “Temporary Love”

Nigerian-Bristish singer-songwriter Azul Kechi has had an exceptional rise. Having rapidly gained support from the likes of BBC and Spotify, with their sound influenced by the likes of Betty Davis and Lauryn Hill, her music draws from life experiences as a person who feels different, someone who is navigating the world and coming into their own. Through her rich and soulful sound, Azul has also managed to build up an avid fan base of listeners.

The third single from her upcoming debut album Celestial Love, the intoxicating “Temporary Love” blends organic instrumentation with the stirring tendencies of bright and modern R&B-soul-pop. Azul captures an arresting authenticity that she portrays with her smokey vocal tone, charismatic flair and confident swagger. This is backed up with a tight backdrop of live instrumentation that pulls you towards that same flaunting approach to life.

Talking about the track, Azul explains: “Temporary Love was written during lockdown and reflects Azul’s feelings in metaphors of uncertainty and change with the surrounding environment when everything felt temporary”

With this track only adding to the growing hype surrounding her new project, Azul continues to place herself in the prime position to see success with her album Celestial Love. Following the success of previous singles “Highs & Lows” and “Fool Me Once”, we can only wait with high expectations for new tracks to come.

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