Divine Beats Unite: RAY KIRK, DANTZ, & Tia P. Deliver Gospel-Infused House Anthem “Closer To You”

RAY KIRK, DANTZ, and Tia P. are excited to declare their electrifying new music collaboration, “Closer To You.” This trailblazing track fuses gospel-inspired lyrics with irresistible house and Afrobeats rhythms, creating an uplifting, danceable tune that transcends genres.

The artists, who share a solid Christian faith, wanted to craft a feel-good anthem that gets people moving and conveys a positive and spiritual message. “We wanted this song to reach audiences that may not normally listen to or associate house/Afrobeats with the gospel,” RAY KIRK stated.

The track’s producer, DANTZ, incorporates a unique Asian flair into the mix, further diversifying the song’s appeal. The result is a rich, multicultural sonic tapestry that seamlessly unites various styles and influences.

At the heart of “Closer To You” lies the captivating interplay between RAY KIRK’s almost chant-like vocals and Tia P.’s angelic voice. This divine combination creates a powerful, harmonious sound that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

With its genre-defying fusion of gospel, house, Afrobeats, and Asian elements, “Closer To You” is set to become a global sensation that brings listeners closer to the spiritual core that unites us all. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the undeniable allure of RAY KIRK, DANTZ, and Tia P.’s groundbreaking collaboration, available now on all major music platforms.

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