Donny Electric & Ocean Heights are looking for a good connection on “Pick Up”

Hailing from Philadelphia, Indie-pop wunderkind Donny Electric continues to release a highly refreshing and honest brand of feel good indie-pop that is not afraid of re-interpreting pop music’s more saccharine qualities in an unique way. The 22-year old has recently collaborated with fellow songwriter/producer Ocean Heights for a funky ear-worm named “Pick Up” where the two earnestly explain to a potential love interest that they aren’t worried about being ghosted as “they have more girls than mambo number 5”.

It is a light-hearted brag session that is accentuated by a funky bassline, bright guitars, and highly infectious refrain that is perfect for the impending summertime (even though we may not be able to fully enjoy it for a few more months).

Check out the track above and be sure to stay peeled for more jams from Donny Electric and Ocean Heights.

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