"Serotonin" is a superstar level debut for LUCA

Harlem-based artist LUCA is an unbelievable hidden gem in the current music landscape.  The 19-year old's first ever release to make its way onto Spotify, "Serotonin" is simple, polished, and inspired indie R&B that deserves to be trending as one of the hottest new songs of the week.

LUCA's soulful vocals emanate over droning guitar to create a deliciously dark and borderline spiritual atmosphere.  The single tells a "story of opening up to someone who ultimately breaks your heart in the end. It’s the narrative of two people figuring out what love means to them."  Radiating from the track is the unflappable confidence of its singer, a clear sign of future success for any artist who can burst onto the scene with music that sounds like an established industry veteran.  Part of this preternatural maturity comes from LUCA's genius in the classroom, a college senior at the astonishing age of 19. 

Artists that can pinpoint emotions with the accuracy of LUCA don't pop up everyday.  You can hear the passion and pain in the simple yet touching "Serotonin" that signals something eminently special in the New York talent.  There's something exciting coming soon from the young talent, so keep your ears open.

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