Dr. Maleek gives his relationship a shot one “Last Time” [Video]

Marking the 4th and final visual installment of his recent Complications II EP, Dr. Maleek delivers a vulnerable video for his song “Last Time.” The song and video follow the narrative of a relationship gone astray.

The Long Beach, CA-based artist has been making music since 2016. Growing his sound and image along the way, Dr. Maleek has found a versatile mixture of sounds that continuously gives fans new styles to enjoy. His most recent project Complications II, the follow-up to his debut 2018 effort Complications, was released in early February featuring the track “Last Time” that he’s released a full visual for.

The smooth R&B influenced track is a break-up song at its core, emitting feelings of a relationship that’s on its last legs; knowing it’s over but continuing the relationship anyways.  “The last time, basically the relationship wasn’t working out, and now it’s time to split ways. The creative message was basically as much as your heart might want something but as all signs lead to it not working out that’s what happens.”

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