Drive!Drive! share the sugary indie pop cut “Like You”

With pop music in its purest form shirking its “uncool” taboo over the past few years, there’s been a resurgence in bands fully leaning into the emphatic and addictive aesthetics that are sometimes hard to admit that we absolutely adore. With internet pop bands appearing left, right and centre, Nashville based trio Drive!Drive! are effortlessly making their distinct voices heard amongst the noise.

On their second single of 2020, the alt-pop upstarts return with the infectiously upbeat and syrupy sweet “Like You.”

Soft, and subtly shimmering chords usher in a sense of rose-tinted nostalgia from the offset, as the soaring vocal sweeps in to spin a masterfully simplistic narrative on the intoxicating effects of a fresh and exciting romance. Once the stage is set, the track then erupts into a grooving and rich slice of retro-futuristic, alternative power pop with a killer chorus that’ll have you humming along in no time at all.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, they share that “We wanted to release an old fashioned love song. A song to dance to, drive to, and remember what it feels like to fall in love. This song truly represents the next steps Drive!Drive! is taking as a band with our sound and songwriting. We hope to constantly evolve and grow with every release.”

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