DuPont Brass reveals hip-hop brilliance with “I Deserve It”

Washington D.C’s eclectic ensemble, DuPont Brass, electrify your speakers with their latest single, “I Deserve It.” This scorching new release is a sonic journey that fuses the gritty boom-bap sound with lyrical finesse, edgy horn accents, and harmonies that take you on a soulful ride to the landscapes of Sleepy Brown.

“I Deserve It” is a battle cry for those who live on their own terms, embracing the work hard, play hard mentality. DuPont Brass’s unique blend of top-tier lyrical ability and musical prowess will leave you hitting the repeat button.

This anthem embodies the rewards that come with unwavering dedication and determination. With lyrics that speak to the heart of ambition and melodies that ignite the spirit, “I Deserve It” is a motivational powerhouse.

DuPont Brass prides itself on pushing boundaries, and this single is no exception. Infusing horn accents with impeccable vocal harmonies creates a unique and unforgettable sonic experience. It’s a testament to their commitment to innovation and artistic excellence.

According to DuPont Brass, “This record is a musical reminder that no matter what your goals in life may be, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you put in the work.” The single “I Deserve It” is an anthem for dreamers and doers alike, a testament to the belief that hard work should be celebrated and rewarded.

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