Eugénie reviews the past, present and future on "Blue" [Video]

Emerging French singer-songwriter Eugénie shares a gripping visual for her new single "Blue," her first release since 2017 when she signed with Universal France and worked with French pop duo Elephanz. She decided to take a break from releasing music but was active on social media creating content and now it seems the time is right for her to talk about what was really going on since she got signed. "Blue" sees her working with producer David Spinelli who crafts a dark backdrop that taps into dark pop, drum & bass, hip-hop, and R&B. The track ebbs and flows capturing Eugénie's duality and emotional range as an artist who has been through a lot and now wants to pour it all out on wax. She delivers the goods with her airy and vibrant vocals but she doesn't rely too much on multi-layered harmonies to keep listeners. She talks about her self-doubts, insecurities, and at times her indecisions to make the right move to grow but overall she acknowledges that everything is a journey and every step is a lesson in the making.

The visual directed by Meïr Salah has a zany and somewhat abstract feel with its expressive performance shots of the singer. It was shot during Blue hour hence the hue lends its strength to the exotic colors and somewhat moody lighting. The slightly jagged camera angles allude to Eugénie's off-balance mind state and troubled emotions.

Although she hasn't released much music in quite some time, she was still able to garner much attention on social media by her 1minute2génie music series where she sings over random beats sent in by different producers. She also has a knack for turning French hits into English for the fun of it. She is currently back in the studio working on more music in the alternative pop region using English as the main language. For those who don't know she had a hit song "Puis Danse" back in 2016 and has opened for big French names such as Vianney, Slimane, Marina Kaye, and others.

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