dyl dion reminds us to embrace change on “under your weather”

After releasing a series of potent bedroom pop singles, North Carolina artist dyl dion has returned with a new track called “under your weather.” Atop wistful, cloudy instrumentation, he reflects upon impermanence and how phases, whether good or bad, ultimately never last as long as we think they will. Blending influences from pop, indie, and alternative hip-hop, he creates a cohesive, warm mixture that showcases his focus as a songwriter.

“under your weather” opens with reflective, melancholic guitars before brisk percussion and engaging backing vocals are added to give this track a layered feel. Over the bittersweet instrumentation, dion delivers memorable melodies across a series of verses that pair bedroom pop stylings with hip-hop and indie flourishes. Topically, he provides relatable, heartfelt subject matter revolving around welcoming change throughout the inevitable ups and downs of life.

The latest from North Carolina’s dyl dion, “under your weather” continues his streak of vibrant, laid-back bedroom-pop singles. Pairing emotive vocals with thoughtful, laid-back instrumentation, this single makes for an appropriate soundtrack to rainy Sunday evenings.

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