E the Profit exhibits a ‘Galler-E’ with new EP

E the Profit has shared a new project, titled Galler-E. Hailing from Elsmere, Kentucky, an area not typically known for its hip-hop scene, E is helping to raise his locale to prominence- while carving his own lane for his hard-hitting sound and versatile vocal style. Preceded by lush EP single “Rich”, Galler-E finds the Kentucky heavyweight experimenting with new ground while staying true to his sleek, laid-back sound.

Opener “L.U.A.M.” in particular takes on a fresh sound for E, with its glitchy, sampling production and off-kilter drums emanating a lo-fi feel, paired with poetic lyrics. “Busy” contains raw, cascading synths and punchy percussion that give it a minimalistic, stylish appeal, enhanced by E’s easy-going yet confident flows. Closer “Teach” throws in soul elements with some 90’s R&B influence to it, with a fast-paced, synth laden beat giving rise to potent verses from E.

Kentucky’s E the Profit continues his prolific run with Galler-E, his last releases lated for 2023. With production from Rocco Roy and MTDGaller-E is an engaging, explorative release from E the Profit that finds him expanding into new territory.

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