Kendra McKinley shares engaging visual for her single “MAKE UP” [Video]

Eclectic singer and songwriter Kendra McKinley is charting her lane with her retro-styled contemporary pop musical style. Always the one to stray from the norm and break the rules that don’t benefit her progress, Kendra steps up to the podium with much gusto, as she drops the visuals for her new single “MAKE UP”. Backed by rousing drum grooves, rich textures and her commanding vocal tone, Kendra runs circles around societal pressures, man-made beauty standards and the overbearing attitude of the patriarchal system that tries to force women to conform.  Lines like “Spill all the milk and lap it up, baby/I’m not some mess to clean up/Don’t got the time to wallow or wonder/If you think my bust is big enough” is a display of defiance and self-empowerment and she implores other ladies to follow suit and live up to their true potentials.

The music video uses engaging storyboarding and cinematic set pieces that fully capture Kendra’s rage, feminine energy and distinct performance style.

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