East London artists showcase their talent in ‘Family Drama’ EP

Super Drama Records have pulled together five artists to release their first V/A compilation, Family Drama Vol. 1. What was originally planned as a full album release is now being rolled out in a series of EPs, showcasing talent from the East London Queer scene and beyond. A melting pot of genres, sounds and talent, all the proceeds are going to Mermaids and Black LGBTQIA+ funds.

Hannah Holland kicks things off with “People Power,” a percussion-filled roller that pushes an important message; power to the people. Poignant vocals make this a statement track, without losing any of its dancefloor power. Dreamy synths and jazz melodies are layered in as the icing on the cake, taking things up to an other-worldly level. Cheriii steps up next with “DRAMATOLOGY,” which offers just under five minutes of oldschool rave music. Made for those of us missing the warehouses, acid lines, punchy drums and a good old atmospheric build up make this one a complete melter. Utterly feel-good and hypnotic, we hope this one’s still doing the rounds by the time dancefloors reopen.

OG Homoelectric DJ Jaye Ward follows with a psychedelic trip rolled up into a track. Shimmery, warped synths sit over a meandering bassline to take the listener on a journey of their own. Slightly distorted vocals and moments of zesty percussion give “Sum Types” a life of its own, adding more and more realms to its kaleidoscopic sound. Angel D’lite blends elements from UK hardcore and jungle to contribute one of the most exciting tracks of the EP, “Aquatic Riddim”. A million miles away from Ward’s dream-like soundscape, “Aquatic Riddim” channels chaotic energy, harnessing it to create a track which serves all sorts of peak-time craziness. Subtly euphoric, full throttle and incredibly fun, Angel D’lite’s addition to the complilation kicks things up ten notches. Lawless breaks and — funnily enough —aquatic-sounding synths contrast to keep things completely fresh.

Super Drama bring things to a close with an uplifting and mischievous track, “Lace”. Bringing all sorts of heavenly sounds to the table, it’s completely entrancing, and feels like the perfect way to bring the first edition of Family Drama to a close. Bouncy melodies kick in at around the halfway mark, making “Lace” just as suitable for the club as it is for dancing around the house to; if you were looking for a pick-me-up, here it is.

Family Drama Vol. 1 can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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