Echo Collective’s “Dante” is a transformative experience [Video]

Echo Collective has just shared their award winning musical video to the world. Called “Dante”, the cinematic and important short musical film has won awards including Rome Music Video Awards and Prague Best Music Video. The new single is off of their EP Mirror Image, which fuses experimental soundscapes with immersive neo-classical.

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With “Dante”, the musical duo create a song that is completely immersive and inspiring. Taking influence from nature and the joyous act of dancing, “Dante” incorporates layered dreamy strings from soaring to steady and even emotional for a cathartic embrace. The song is completely instrumental with the emotions of wonder and fascination being transported to the listener through the chordophones. In the accompanying music video, the story begins with a woman leaving her house and putting on her airpods listening to “Dante”. Soon she is transfixed and finds herself moving and dancing with an intense forward motion through gorgeous landscapes, even encountering Echo Collective themselves performing. At the end of the video the woman takes out her airpods and realizes that she was completely unaware of the time passing and how the music drew her further into the expansiveness of nature.

Echo Collective is composed of musical duo Neil Leiter and Margaret Hermant. Since first releasing music in 2018, the two have built a fervent fanbase even finding a listenership outside the traditional classical music audience. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from these innovators.

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