Ed Prosek goes on a journey of self-reflection in new EP, ‘The Foreigner’

California-born, Berlin-based Ed Prosek speaks about struggling to fit in, in his new EP, The Foreigner. The six-track release shows the artist delving deep within himself, as he examines his identity and belonging, yearning to find a place he can call home. 

The songwriter confides, “As an American in Europe I’ll never be fully European, but at the same time, when I go home, I feel like a tourist there as well. A strange reality that leaves me confused about my identity and my feelings of ‘home’. This EP was written in one of the most important/exciting times of my life. It documents the highs and the lows of love and anxiety and it does so from the perspective of my inner monologue.”

“Hallelujah” introduces the EP, as gentle guitar strings and delicate vocals ease us in, before “Man Overboard” picks things up. Jangly guitars features throughout the entire EP, along with a plethora of organic and perfectly simple instrumentation. There are no unnecessary embellishments when it comes to Prosek, as he lets his storytelling lyrics and plucky strings do the work, allowing listeners to lose themselves in his angelic harmonies and folky melodies. “Tell A Lie” brings the EP to a peaceful close, with the artist’s soft, yet rugged voice leaving a lasting impression in your mind.

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