Edwin Rosen shares the brooding single "mitleerenhänden"

German electronic producer and singer-songwriter Edwin Rosen shares the synth-fuelled track "mitleerenhänden"—a brooding number that hooks you in with is electrifying soundscape of pulsing beats and exciting undertones.

Only 20 years old, this young but highly talented producer has already gone from bedroom producer to a respected musician. Growing his fanbase over his very short career of two years, his musical world is born out of Joy Divison influences and new-wave noises. "mitleerenhänden, which translates to empty-handed, is an EP about coming to terms with things not going the way you expected them too, about things ending too quickly and about the last hope that remains when all seems lost," Rosen expands on the EP of the same name. "The title track is about feeling like no matter what you do it just feels like it is not good enough, which leaves you feeling alone with nothing left to give."

The track's simplicity coaxes you in with steady beats and hypnotic vocals before sending you off into a soul-searching journey. Swimming through the track's synths and electro-expansives, "mitleerenhänden" is a glowing sound that promises an exciting career on the horizon for this talented producer.

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