Eleanor daydreams on hypnotic new single “Waste My Time”

Eleanor‘s new single “Waste My Time” is a soulful and emotional track that showcases the singer’s impressive vocal range and songwriting skills. The song is a powerful expression of the pain and frustration that comes with being in a friendship-turning-relationship, and the lyrics are both raw and honest.

One of the standout features of “Waste My Time” is Eleanor’s vocals. Her voice is powerful and soulful, with a raw emotion that perfectly conveys the pain and frustration of the lyrics. She has a remarkable ability to convey vulnerability and strength at the same time, making her performance on this track particularly impressive.

The lyrics of “Waste My Time” are also noteworthy, with lines such as “It took a minute to get into something real / why fight it this could be easy.” The lyrics are honest and raw, and Eleanor’s delivery gives them an added sense of weight and urgency.

The instrumentation of “Waste My Time” is also impressive, with a blend of live and electric instruments that create a sound that is both modern and timeless. The use of harmonies and intricate beats adds a sense of modernity and innovation, while the live drums and bass give the track a sense of organic energy and vitality.

Waste My Time” is a stunning and emotionally charged track that showcases Eleanor’s talent for creating music that is both powerful and introspective. With its soulful vocals, raw lyrics, and textured instrumentation, the song is a testament to the singer’s skill as a songwriter and performer. Whether you’re a fan of soulful pop or just appreciate good music, “Waste My Time” is a track that is not to be missed.

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