Else return with synthwave-driven, powerful new single “Ocean”

Considered as one of the most exciting names in synthwave, Parisian duo Else make a resounding return with their latest single, “Ocean.” Following their viral hit “Paris,” this emphatic piece of electronica sets the stage for their upcoming album release later this year.

Since bursting onto the scene with EPs like Pacific and Mirage in 2013 and 2016, Else has continuously impressed with their distinct style and studio prowess. Tracks like “Sonora,” “You,” and “Ambre” have solidified their place in the genre, while electrifying live performances have garnered them a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

Their upcoming album, Sequence Pt II, promises to deliver a more mature and intense sound, blending catchy melodies with pulsating dance beats. The accompanying music video for “Ocean,” directed by Mohamed Chabane & Théo Jourdain, adds a poignant narrative on climate change, further showcasing Else’s depth beyond their musical talent.

Overall, “Ocean” stands as a testament to Else’s evolution as artists and their continued relevance in the electronic music scene. For those eager to experience more of Else’s captivating work, their presence across various social media and streaming platforms ensures easy access to their mesmerizing tunes.

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