Elyse Jewel crafts solemn yet hopeful EP ‘Dear Diary’

Texas singer-songwriter Elyse Jewel strikes a balance between light-hearted and solemn on emotive and relatable EP Dear Diary. A six-track collection that ebbs and flows through various life experiences, capturing the good, bad and everything in-between, Jewel’s music falls comfortable in the nook of upbeat 90s pop crafted upon a sonic foundation of crisp vocals and a dreamy yet grungy soundscape.

Opening with the gentle stylings of “In My Room,” led by her melodic lilt, the EP builds starts off anthemic before moving into the atmospheric beats of “Hs Parking Lot,” and highlight “Friends,” weaving a minimal instrumentation with a wispy and husky vocal quality.

“Basic,” is more vulnerable, touching upon on lower moments in our relationships while guitar-tinged “Different Colors,” is a sultry number that showcases the expanse of her pop artistry, before the uber slow and hushed “Before You,” brilliant closes out the project out in an ethereal encapsulation of her mature yet youthful sound.

Offset hopeful tones and messages of validation with truthful acknowledgements of pain and heartbreak, the EP is vulnerable and uplifting all at once, crafted specifically to take listeners through Jewel’s own journey while also reminding them of their own paths in life.

At 17, Dallas-based Jewel who only started releasing her own material in 2020, has pulled people in with her Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo reminiscent musicality. Yet on the resonant and intimate musical foray of Dear Diary, Elyse Jewel cements her place an act to watch.

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