Ep!k delivers introspection on latest album ‘The Onset Of Agnothesia’

Emerging vocalist, sound engineer, and producer Ep!k showcases the depth of his musicality on latest album The Onset Of Agnothesia, taking us through a blend of electronica, alt-R&B, and hip-hop across 10 tracks that pulls us into the mind and world he weaves for us.

With a rich and deeply layered tracklist consisting of tracks like “Who’s To Blame,” “Victim Of Theft,” “Bleeding,” which untangles a complex web of emotions and moods painting vivid pictures of the feelings he is trying to evoke in listeners.

The intricacy of his artistry is crystal clear in the newest single “Dancing By Myself,” which strikes a balance a party vibe with an emotive feel that lets us succumb to our sadness. A sonic representation of the frustration accompanying our efforts to lose ourselves, the track delves into how chasing escapism can leave us feeling stuck, bringing his genre-blended instrumentation together with poetic, introspective lyricism.

An all-round talent who dives deep into himself while still maintaining a sense of intrigue with his soul-searching soundscapes, is an act you should keep on your radar

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