Escape with indie artist Alann8h on "Apollo 8"

Growing up, Alann8h and her four siblings split their time between her two hometowns of Bangkok, Thailand, and Whistler, Canada. Jumping between two different places, she’s always felt grounded in music. Those two different cultures have shaped her personality and her artistry. Her music thus far is characterized with steady tempos and lounge-like productions and accompanied by the strength of a guitar, piano, or double bass. On her newest EP Apollo 8, she comes into focus on the mesmerizing track “Rings of Saturn”.

If one could hear the rings of Saturn, this track is what I imagine it sounds like. That’s not an exaggeration! The production is laden with laser gun sound effects and spaceship chirps. It feels similar to an artist like Beabadoobee, but Alann8h definitely has more of a laidback vibe. Her vocals have a raspy, soul quality to them. Especially in her swaying melodies, it creates a mix of lo-fi pop and R&B.

The rest of the EP is also filled with similar starry soundscapes and meditative lyrics that are definitely worth the listen. She shared, “I found myself constantly looking up at the sky at night and feeling humbled and fascinated by many different thoughts that inspired a lot of the lyrics on the EP. […] It includes many different aspects of my mind and each song has its own unique sound to it allowing something for everyone’s ears.”

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