Estereomance release radiant new visuals for “Crimson Queen”

El Paso musical collective Estereomance are known for their unique brand of soul-pop. Their latest bewitching track “Crimson Queen” glistens with ethereal vocals and smooth arrangements, emitting an otherworldly charm. The newly released accompanying visuals demonstrate the dangers of placing a woman’s physical appearance above all else.

Beauty queens attempt to fulfill extreme standards as their bodies are measured and viewed through a magnifying glass. This illustrates the magnified scrutiny many women face in their daily lives that could result in unhealthy body fixation. With lyrics such as, “if I had her looks, if I had her body, I could finally be who I had wanted,” it’s a narration of thinking you’ll gain happiness in emulating someone else. Bassist Manu Calderon explains in the press release, “Through time, women’s worth has long been measured by physical beauty and more recently, with the rise of social media, quantified by the number of “likes” in response to it.”

Members and long time friends, Adria Del Valle, Paulina Reza and Manu Calderon, each bring their own distinctive skill set to the group. Adria was classically trained and plays violin, Paulina stuns with her astounding vocal talent and Manu is a producer, sound engineer and bassist. Melding their gifts together, they have built a dedicated following and have been nominated for a Latin Grammy. Take a listen to the shimmering sounds of “Crimson Queen” now.

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