Spunsugar dive into nostalgia and darkness on ‘A Hole Forever’

Swedish three-piece Spunsugar take a plunge into the darkness within us on sophomore album A Hole Forever, a 10-track collection that hones in on their grunge roots while also weaving through shoegaze/new wave elements.

Diving into intense themes that expose internal shame, the album offers up ruminations on getting older and confessionals of dark secrets wrapped within a textured soundscape that blends raucous glide guitar, grimy bass, and pounding drum beats with modern touches of electronic, post-punk, and pop components.

With a nostalgia mood underscored by darkness and mystique, the album’s chaotic yet intimate mindset is best captured by the thrashy guitar lines and groovy punch of opener “Metals.”

Speaking of the album, the band says, “It’s about getting older and confessing things while the thought of one day dying sinks in. The album deals with the image that you are dying already when you are born and that life is a slow death. The songs become bricks of important points in life. Kind of like watching life flicker by but instead like in a movie it’s in a spiral.”

Born from the distinct musical background of each band member, Spunsugar’s diverse musicality set the act up as a force to be reckoned with.

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