Ex Medias return with powerful and varied talent on new compilation “We Are Ex Medias Vol.III”

Ex Medias‘ fourth compilation installment is a testament to the collective’s diverse musical prowess and collaborative spirit. Spanning 15 tracks, the album embarks on a sonic journey that encapsulates the multifaceted talent within the Ex Medias family. Able Grey’s opening track, “I Need Your Love” featuring MEDYK, sets an emotive tone with its melodic bass, showcasing the emotional depth achievable in electronic music.

JWILLI’s “It’s Not That Easy” introduces introspective drum and bass, while Free Apollo’s “Everything You Want VIP” and FLYNNINHO’s “TEAR THE CLUB DOWN” amplify the energy with heavy drum and bass and riddim elements. 

Zarkilor’s “Day By Day” innovatively blends breaks and UKG, adding an experimental touch. The compilation delves into various house influences, from Jon Alfaro & Yorii’s smooth piano-driven “Anxious” to DJ GOOSE’s darker “Dark Clouds” in drum and bass. The high-energy bangers of Phrequency and HASHBBC add dubstep and riddim flavor, leading to the electro-infused finale, 80/40’s “Obsessions”.

Founded by Able Grey, Ex Medias not only showcases musical excellence but also represents a united community within the electronic music landscape. The compilation underscores the collective’s commitment to diverse genres and artistic growth, serving as a testament to their journey as a dynamic force in the music world. As Ex Medias continues to support its artists and expand its reach, this compilation stands as a celebration of their collective success and ongoing commitment to nurturing talent in the ever-evolving music industry.

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