Finnish duo Lalalow create a “Sensory Deprivation” in cosmic new release

“Sensory Deprivation” is the latest tune from Finnish duo Lalalow. If there’s no way to express your feelings, why not do it through music? Meet Lalalow, Nina Jackson (vocals and keyboard) and Tommi Laivamaa (guitar/bass), together they are introducing the world of industrial music and amalgamating it with alternative indie – sounds cool right?

“Sensory Deprivation” is built of a complex, layered journey of quirky, cosmic synths that emit a sense of animated feelings. The drums are intertwined with the electro, muffled bass creating a patterned path of dynamics. The song has an industrial, trippy kaleidoscope of sounds, fused with an indie/alt/rock vibe. The industrial feel comes through amongst the servings of sounds. Singing, “I sink in deep and blue,” the song changes its vibe and dynamics to an uplifting return accompanied by the celestial synths. The song has pockets of different surprises and the vocals throughout, which come together and combine in a haunting, wavy breeze.

The gritty tune is an expression of the hardship of struggling with understanding the mind and trying to control its rollercoaster thoughts. Lalalow also hopes to be a means of speaking up for the introverted or those who can’t express their mind. The duo share, “we also hope we can give a voice for people who are very thorough and maybe a sort of over sensitive misfits who overthink every little silly thing and then have a need to escape it and just be creative and not think that much for a while. In other words we want to express an introvert’s feelings.”

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