Fischer King’s “Lost” is a dark mood lifter

Los Angeles producer and composer Fischer King creates moody unearthly pop music detailing life’s tragic moments. His latest single “Lost”, features cinematic synths, unhinged electronic beats and warm vocals. The self described “existential crisis pop” tune is about feeling unbalanced in a relationship and trying to find answers to appease the insecurity that comes along with that. Fisher King confides. ” At its the core the music is largely concerned with what one’s purpose might be, what in life holds actual value, and how one’s environment can affect those perceptions.”

Fischer King is the debut solo project from multi-instrumentalist Brad Fischer. Fischer spent years producing and engineering music for film and TV as well as for a myriad of other artists. His influences range from classical to punk rock and most recently the stylings of dark pop artists such as Billie Eilish. Feeling the confidence to share ideas he had held on to for so long, Fischer King completed a stunning six track self-titled EP due out later this fall. With layered vocals, dark motifs and gothic-infused melodies, Fischer’s music is best to be listened to when the sun slips away.

With “Lost” Fischer King shows us that even with life’s challenges there is still room for change, “Life is often messy and painful but the world keeps turning. Things may be difficult, but they certainly aren’t hopeless.”

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