Floramay Holliday shares new single for Valentine’s Day, “Hearts Have Wings”

Floramay has shared a new Valentine’s Day-themed single, titled “Hearts Have Wings”. She is a prolific guitarist, singer, and entertainer who deftly blends old-school country with alternative rock influences to create transcendent music that speaks to the soul, something evident within her rich songwriting. She first burst onto the music scene with her debut in the late 90s- and since, she has written some great songs, including “Yellow Moon”, “Momma’s Motorcycle”, “Coffee”, “Rainbows”, “Yesterday’s Girl”, and 4 albums, Floramay Holliday, Trouble & a Truer Sound, Dreams, and an educational children’s album, Twirl!. Her latest offering is “Hearts Have Wings”, a warm, ethereal alt-country track themed around Valentine’s Day.

Containing airy guitars layered in lush arrangements atop organic-sounding percussion and balmy organs, “Hearts Have Wings” is a hypnotic, dream-like song. Pairing heartfelt vocals with its glowing soundscape, “Hearts Have Wings” is a track that lift the spirits and celebrates love simultaneously.

An intentional, uplifting new single, co-written with acclaimed producer Will Holland, “Hearts Have Wings” contains fluttering notes and warm sonics, showcasing Floramay’s diversity, honed songwriting skills, and vocal range.

Watch the live performance video for “Hearts Having Wings” here:

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