Florida 9-piece seeyousoon deliver the transcendent debut album “VIDÉ”

The saying of “too many cooks spoil the broth” is an interesting point of contention in music, especially in the case of larger artist groups. While there is a lot that can be said about too many creative voices pushing one concerted vision in different directions, and such as the internet helps dismantle many an antiquated concept, the meteoric rise of the likes of Brockhampton and the now-defunct Odd Future is resounding proof that the broad stroke doesn’t always apply. Operating with the same level of articulate and carefree artistic expression, Florida based alt-hip-hop 9-piece seeyousoon were quick to garner comparisons to those aforementioned artists, in the best way possible.

With their breakthrough debut single, “Steamy” not long in the rearview mirror, the first chapter in seeyousoon’s story and dazzlingly bright future begins with VIDÉ, a fourteen track foray which emphatically displays the many shades of their articulate and colorful melting pot of sounds.

In a statement, VIDÉ is, in their own words, “a celebration of the things that make us different. It’s like we’re painting a picture. In color theory, there are three primary colors. In songwriting, it’s similar, because you have happiness, sadness, and anger. Those colors are very easy to paint with. However, we’re trying to paint with as many different colors as possible to tap into more nuanced feelings, which are harder to describe with words. It’s interpretive and meant to transport you somewhere else.”

Opening track “See” performs as the palette cleanser, as well as an overture for the ensuing rapturous and winding musical journey; sparse in its arrangement, it introduces overall vibe and various textures, as the phrase “may I have your attention?” faintly echoes in the background. Consider your attention firmly grasped in the mere first four bars of follow up and teaser single “Ben Affleck.” The left-of-centre 808s jumpstart the high octane thrills, with each member applying their uniquely distinct energy to the track, without it coming across disjointed in any way shape or form; a concept that dutifully maintains throughout the entirety of the project.

What unfolds from thereon, is more than enough to soundtrack any situation and any mood. There’s the silky club-inspired groove of “Blue Chord,” the biting ferocity of “3001” and “Every Time I Die,” the mind-boggling expanse of “H8tred”, parts one and two, and the ethereal indie-R&B leaning “Icfwt,” as well as heaps of kaleidoscopic delights along the way.

VIDÉ is a sensational debut that rewards the listener with new discoveries with each listen, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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