French Horn Rebellion teams up with Cimafunk and Stalking Gia for “Ya Llegué”

Brother duo French Horn Rebellion are back with their first musical release in over three years. Entitled “Ya Llegué,” the fiery new track features Afro-Cuban funk singer Cimafunk and alt pop riser Stalking Gia.

With “Ya Llegué,” the collaborators have managed to create an intoxicating and seductive electronic pop meets world music masterpiece. The song is all about flirting, dancing and sweet talking the one you desire. Cimafunk sings in Spanish, “Me sacas del planeta / Si llegas y me aprietas / Tu tienes la receta / Mami tu eres la estrella .”

He tells his love interest how he was swept off his feet by her and how he wants to dance and seduce her. Musically, “Ya Llegué” enthralls with funk-fueled bass lines, afro-cuban rhythms and all encompassing swelling synths. Cimafunk’s vocal delivery is unparalleled; it is soulful, direct and emotive. While NY’s Stalking Gia sings enticingly in English back to her crush telling him she loves to dance and wants to engage with him adding another unique dimension to the song. French Horn Rebellion’s musicality and production effortlessly fuses a myriad of sounds and tones fusing electronic, funk. cumbia, salsa and pop for a delicious musical offering.

The collaborators are all based out of Brooklyn and bonded over their love of world music and pop music alike. Robert of French Horn Rebellion confides, “Everything you hear was written and recorded in a 4 hour session, it was an explosion of creativity, mutual love and respect.” Check out “Ya Llegué” now and hit the dance floor.

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