German producer Shuko teams up with Nia Wyn and KinKai on “I Ain’t Finished Yet”

Welsh soulful singer Nia Wyn lends her inimitable vocals to the jazz-hop tune from German producer Shuko. Underscored with a chilled jazz melody, “I Ain’t Finished Yet” unearths something very special with its core rooted in hip-hop’s versatility.

Layered with soothing jazz traits, the single documents experiencing disruptions in life’s progresses, something which only makes us stronger to overcome with future conflicts. Featuring the smooth and exciting flows from Manchester rapper KinKai, the track showcases the perfected amalgamazing of jazz and hip-hop, once again questioning the categorisation of genres. 

Telling us more about the origin of the track, Wyn shares, “I’d wanted to collaborate with both Shuko and KinKai for a long time so I had a lot of fun working on this with them. The track is about facing set-backs like other people’s criticism, mental health issues, relationships messing you about… but taking strength from those challenges and coming back second time around more resilient.”

With two rising UK stars added to perfect the track, Shuko has formulated a brilliant single which displays the talents of each artist. “I Ain’t Finished Yet” truly is a slow-burning, chilled single perfect for those lazy days. 

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