Glamma Rose shares passion with new single ‘In The Heat’

Singer Glamma Rose has recently released a new R&B single, “In The Heat.” It was produced by Jason “Sire” Turnbull, known for his work on 50 Cent’s hit song “Window Shopper.” The track is distributed independently by EQ, Roc Nation’s distribution company.

The song explores the theme of guilty pleasures and emphasizes the importance of living in the moment and enjoying every second. It features her soulful melodies and raw emotions, accompanied by Jason “Sire” Turnbull’s masterful touch on instrumentation that perfectly complements the vocals.

The song’s inspiration is rooted in forbidden desires, and she delivers an emphatic, raw expression. Her ability to infuse passion and authenticity into every note is evident in “In The Heat,” which promises to captivate listeners sensually and leave an indelible mark on the R&B landscape.

The single is available on all major streaming platforms and is a must-listen for R&B fans who appreciate soulful romance and unapologetic desire.

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