Glassio's "Magazines" is an infectious dance track on self-image

Dream pop meets indie dance phenomenon Glassio just dropped his beaming summer dance anthem entitled “Magazines.” Drawing inspiration from great musical innovators such as Massive Attack and Air, he best known for his masterful fusion of dance pop, electronic, and new wave for an unprecedented musical experience that pushes boundaries while at the same time evoking magical feelings laced with nostalgia.

In “Magazines,” Glassio has an important message to share about self-acceptance and not comparing yourself to others, especially in a world that heavily projects images of perfection both in social media and in the daily publications that we read. Inspired to write this track after a period of hardship and after losing his father to COVID, Glassio found the creative process cathartic and healing, and enlisted Dave Rublin of American Authors to help him finish the song and elevate its sound to new heights. Glassio confides, “I made this song to help me get up and out of bed through a rough patch in the Summer of 2020. 6 months later, I went through a very unexpected life change. I lost my father to COVID. The song and the full album were both halfway finished when he passed. My dad loved how it sounded and beckoned me to finish it-along with the rest of the songs on the album- in the last few weeks of his life. A few months later, I brought it to my friend Dave Rublin of American Authors and we both just began dancing to it when I played him the version I had made. We decided to finish it together. Working on finishing the song brought me a lot of much needed serotonin and adrenaline through that initial period of grief. I’ll always remember this song for helping me through that.” 

Featuring uplifting and harmonious vocals, a joyous beat, and a bright, euphoric dance melody, we are instantly pulled into this high vibe song for unwavering feelings of hope, freedom, and renewed energy. If you’re not listening to this on the crowded dance floor, then it’s the perfect kick-off jam to start your road trip with or to share with friends for a fun, feel-good time.

Glassio is an Irish-Iranian artist who creates a unique blend of experimental sounds resulting in engaging, flavorful music with a dance spin. The artist, who has co-written and produced songs with French Horn Rebellion, Clubhouse, warner case, NAKAYA and Madelyn Darling, is set to release his second album See You Shine later this year.

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