seeyousoon drop bouncing banger “Blue Chord” with social distancing music video

Inventive crossover collective seeyousoon have just released a new single and video “Blue Chord,” an infectious electronic bop that fuses multiple genres. This is the group’s third single to date, following the cutting edge “Steamy” and vibrant “ICFWT” from earlier this year.

The track showcases an undeniable versatility from seeyousoon, who are able to tackle an impressive variety of vocal performances on increasingly unique instrumentals. With this new effort, they opt for a club setting, rapping sharply and singing smoothly over a warm and groovy dance beat. “Blue Chords” is also accompanied by a clever DIY music video featuring a Zoom call between all of the group’s members. It’s a charming adaptation to our current world climate that still displays the unique quirks of each member from the comfort of their respective homes. The ability to still ignite a wavy bop in isolation is quite the accomplishment.

The electronic beat on the track brings pulsing synth chords and a pounding drum pace reminiscent of a KAYTRANADA cut from the mid 2010’s. There’s also some slick high pitched vocal samples and glitchy ray gun noises snuck into the mix, rendering a soundscape that requires a few listens to catch everything. The singing performances here are excellent as well, as Luke Summers brings a buttery smooth hook and Maddie Barker delivers a prestine, sultry bridge. These vocal sequences bring a sensuality to the sound that hasn’t been present in the previous singles to this staggering degree. Still, make no mistake, there’s plenty of strong bars here as well. The rap verses on “Blue Chord” are piercing, giving the track an off the cuff energy that balances the singing cleanly.

As has been commonplace with seeyouson, the most delightful feature of the new track is watching all of the unique voices contrast and complement each other in such dynamic fashion.. The influx of ideas and approaches is in no way overwhelming, just exciting. One would be hard pressed to find another artist whose first three singles are so ambitious and expansive.

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