Hypnogator share swampy psychedelic track “Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane)”

South East London-based band Hypnogator have just unveiled their latest single “Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane)”, blending psychedelic-rock and prog influences. Emerging from lockdown, the band crafts a unique sound fusing Led Zeppelin-esque riffs with contemporary psychedelia, jazz, and funk. Produced by drummer Liam Gunning, known for his work with Leigh-Anne Pinnock and others, the track showcases Hypnogator’s signature style — thick guitar tones, tight drums, grounding bass, and melodic vocals.

The song takes listeners on a dynamic journey, transitioning from choppy verses to a double-tempo pre-chorus, exploding into distorted guitar tones and soaring vocals in the chorus. A shredding guitar solo with sweep picking adds an impressive touch, concluding with an intense final section. Exploring mental health themes, the band emphazises their meticulous recording process, involving in-person group listening sessions to perfect every detail.

Hypnogator invites fans to join their psychedelic underworld, showcasing not only musical brilliance but also an ability to craft infectious soundscapes. The band have a series of upcoming live dates, and it promises to be memorable..

Upcoming Live Dates:

7th Jan – Bloodstock Open air heat 1

22nd Feb – broadcast of a live studio recording with Hot Vox for War Child UK

21st April – Supporting Shadowsmile on their UK tour at the Hope and Anchor

22nd June – Castle Bytham Midsummer Festival

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