Jesse Tyler Frewerd shares poignant “Soldier Coming Home”

Singer/songwriter, musician and Army Veteran Jesse Tyler Frewerd has just shared his important and autobiographical debut single. Called “Soldier Coming Home”, the folk rock meets country track is poignant and profound.

With “Soldier Coming Home”, Jesse tells his story of his own healing process and how he often played an actor in his own life. War can impact people in ways that are intense and deeply traumatic and with Jesse’s new single, he chronicles a soldier who was him coming home after deployment. Lyrics including, “So I fake a smile, put on a front / I can’t forget these things I’ve done / My life was changed for Uncle Sam / This war goes on for who I am / The hell I’ve seen just shakes me now / In a room full of people, I feel alone / I’m just playing the part of a soldier coming home,” show just how difficult it is to show a happy face and play a part when one has been deeply wounded emotionally from their experiences. Musically, “Soldier Coming Home” features Jesse’s whisky drenched gravely vocals singing nostalgic melodies and storied lyrics. Country layered guitars and an anthemic chorus lull the listener in with every note.

Jesse Tyler Frewerd is a Milwaukee native who began his musical journey after returning from his deployment in Iraq in 2004. He began performing music upon his return, channeling his experiences into songs and finding his own healing through music. In 2017, he was given the opportunity to go to Nashville through the nonprofit organization CreatiVets to write and record. The result is important music that touches listeners across the globe.

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