JVLY learns he can’t have it both ways in “aporia” [Video]

JVLY has effortlessly been delivering delicious singles through 2020 and now delivers yet another in the form of “aporia”. 

“aporia” gets the classic JVLY treatment from lofi percussion, elegant piano and a touch of soulful horns to create an electro-R&B gem. One can hear the influence from acts like Still Woozy and Rhye, however he manages to stay in his own lane with his very own sound. Being his own producer and songwriter, JVLY ensures every second of his project carries his unique soul.

He notes that “couldn’t think of the right name for it” until he saw the name “aporia” in a book, and came to understand that it meant an irresolvable internal contradiction which “seemed to sum it up perfectly.” In turn, the lyrics drill on not being able to have something both ways. 

To add to the message ‘aporia’ also comes with a Rodrigo Badoino-directed music video which uses footage that JVLY shot while in Japan, blended with some extra material that was shot back in Sydney starring his friend Tyra Cartledge. If you’re looking for a good way to spend a couple minutes in excellent color grading and scenic shots, look no further.


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