Katy Pinke teases new album with emotive new single “Bloom”

U.S songwriter Katy Pinke releases the gorgeous new single, “Bloom”, off her debut album to come, Tomato. Capturing the essence of her live performances and recorded in a single day in Brooklyn, the album’s raw authenticity is a testament to Pinke’s prowess as a singer-songwriter. The tracks on the album showcase Katy’s agile and honest voice, reminiscent of legends like Blossom Dearie and Connie Converse, yet uniquely her own. Drawing on her background as an actor, Pinke constructs vivid worlds within each song, immersing herself in the music like an actor in her characters.

“Bloom”, is an intimate journey of finger-picked acoustic guitar and brush drums, serving as the perfect canvas for Katy’s delicate, raw vocals. The song’s compositional structure echoes the brilliance of Bill Callahan and Syd Barrett, while Katy’s performance style brings to mind the disarming delivery of Blossom Dearie. The album’s single-day recording approach, without overdubs, adds a layer of authenticity that is rare in today’s music landscape. Katy’s debut is a testament to her rising star in the Brooklyn indie music scene.

Katy tells us, “‘Bloom’, the first single off the album, acts as a kind of reminder to its listener, or perhaps to Pinke herself. The first lines, coming in after a guitar part that repeats itself  like an unsteady, but nagging question, are “It isn’t heavy to feel, it’s only heavy to think–and when you want to stay light, don’t force it with your mind.” The song argues its case from there, delving with more detail into every observation, never looking back;  there is no traditional verse/chorus structure here, each major turn of thought is accompanied by a new rhythmic world, until this ride transforms from “reminder” into a full out clarion call to its listener  to open, to expand, to dare to bloom like a flower. A deeper truth of the heart emerges from a rigorous, almost obsessive examination. Pinke wrote the song in one sitting, melody and lyrics together, and the urgency of its birth is felt in the way it’s constructed and performed.”

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