Daniela Andrade shines on new release “Puddles” [Video]

After getting her start posting YouTube covers of Radiohead and Childish Gambino, Honduran-Canadian producer/artist Daniela Andrade turned to releasing original music on her EP’s Shore and Tamale. These projects explored themes surrounding her Honduran heritage, her parents experience as immigrants and female empowerment, all while highlighting her attention to craft and her producing abilities. Taking quarantine as an opportunity to dive into recording, Andrade returns with a compelling single titled ‘Puddles’ off her forthcoming EP titled Nothing much has changed, I don’t feel the same set for release September 30th.

“Puddles” fuses electronica and R&B as atmospheric synths and snappy drums groove alongside a dance-y bass line. Andrade’s vocals are Yaegi cool, and the lyrics focus on themes of childhood memories and escape. Speaking about the track, Andrade says: “Spending as much time as I could outside when the weather warmed up brought back tons of memories of past summers spent. ‘Puddles’ is specifically about a field near my parents’ house where I’d spend hours lying under pine trees.”

The accompanying visuals were directed by Andrade’s frequent collaborator Jeremy Comte, and features Andrade grooving next to mesmerizing pools of syrupy colour that shimmer and shapeshift. Coming in at under two minutes, ‘Puddles’ is the type of track to put on repeat and dance away. 

Catch Nothing much has changed, I don’t feel the same out on September 30th.

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