Kayla Rae reminisces on “Off My Mind” [Video]

Emerging Denver based R&B and pop act Kayla Rae shares the visuals for her recently released track “Off My Mind.” On this one, the singer recruits the help of production team Side 3 Entertainment Inc who craft a reflective and dreamy backdrop for her to reminisce about her past relationship. While the subject matter being tackled is very relatable, Rae puts her own spin on it as she looks at getting far away from the drama using self-isolation as part of her therapeutic process. Her stunning vocal performance brings an authentic edge alongside alluring melodies that blend into the infectious multi-layered synth-driven beat.

The visuals shot by Dylan Fout takes the theme of the song seriously and helps showcase the many sides of Rae’s emotional palette. Shot in LA during the summer of 2019, we get to see the wonderful view of the city in all its glory. Fout makes use of a plethora of performance shots with Rae in different outfits ranging from street edgy to the girl next door look. The whole affair is quite simple and almost feels like a DIY endeavor, which actually adds to the down to Earth vibe the song gives. “Off My Mind” is something we can all rock to while we are stuck at home and just seeing the fresh outdoors in the video is more than inspiring in these gloomy times.

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