HĒIR drops new single “Vertigo” [Video]

Russia-born, Italy-based singer HĒIR shares the cinematic visuals for her single “Vertigo”, a moody experimental pop tune that explores the aftermath of a relationship, and the lingering emotions that are often difficult to let go of. Bolstered by HEIR and Duncan Boyce’s atmospheric and gloomy video-game-inspired soundscape, HĒIR’s airy and elegant vocals shine bright as she pushes the boundary with her edgy style and pop appeal. She reflects on the fear of letting go, and knowing that her comfort zone has to be breached, she aims to find a true balance before moving on. She adds that the sample in the song is meant to simulate a video game, where you fall and get back up until you pass onto the next level, in other words, “Vertigo” is the jump to the new level.

For the visuals, she teams up with Renata Di Pace and Salvatore Rocco who crafts a dystopian set-piece that works well with the melancholic lyrics. HĒIR is shown stuck on an infinite escalator with human drones on both sides, which might suggest her emotions are stuck in a never-ending loop. The 80’s sci-fi aesthetic is brilliant as well and the smooth slow motion and seamless transitions give it a solid finishing.

HĒIR (born Patricia Manfield) is a model who has done campaigns for brands such as Adidas, FENDI, Dior, and more. Her first experimental EP Daddy Issues was released in 2020 via SONY Music.

Stream “Vertigo” on all DSPs here.

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