Kemba drops controversial new single “Kill Your Idols”

Once again, the unique and powerful Bronx rapper Kemba returns with his poetic lyricism and masterful delivery in his latest track “Kill Your Idols.” 

Starting off with a calm build, the track opens up for Kemba’s impactful lyrics to release intense emotion. His fearless raps bravely address points about the change of the music game and make it clear that some modern idols are lacking honesty, honor, and respect. By using poetic wordplay, he cleverly succeeds at getting this message across as the adrenaline of the track continues to build and rise. We are given a special duality of passionate emotion expressed through the vocal delivery. 
Kemba never fails to convey a conscious message through his music. Ever since his last single “Pisces,” everyone has been waiting for him to drop yet another track. Giving us Kendrick Lamar vibes throughout, it is no surprise that this artist has performed with him in the past. While different, the two also share many similarities in their music. If you like one, you’re more than likely going to fall in love with the other. Just press play above, and let Kemba be your new idol now. 
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