[Music Video] A-Zal crafts his own narrative on “Movie Script”

New York-based pop singer and composer A-Zal unveils his story to the world on new single “Movie Script” bringing a blend of his soulful vocals and melodious sonics to transcend global boundaries. An anthem that marks a new chapter in the trailblazing act’s musical journey, the track comes alive with contemporary pop-hinged musicality built on funky vibes and catchy rhythms.

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The captivating production is accompanied by a self-directed music video that compliments the refreshing feel of the track with a burst of vibrant energy, showcasing a perfect balance between auditory delight and visual allure.

Being the only composer of Indian origin after A.R. Rahmanto leave a mark in Hollywood, A-Zal found fame for his soundtracks featured in Marvel Studios’ Loki  and Ms. Marvel.Now, he embarks on a new path as an artist, storyteller, and songwriter transitioning away from writing scores for movies  – with the theme of crafting his own narrative forming the core of his latest offering.

Speaking of the message behind the track, he says, “When I worked for the movies, I always had a brief to write the soundtracks. I wasn’t able to tell my own story through my music for films. I’m coming out as an artist to tell my story to the world, where I’m the brief myself! It’s not just my songs, it is me.”

Born in India and nurtured by the vibrant British pop culture of London, A-Zal’s luscious artistry was born from a combination of diverse musical influences and transcontinental experiences to make for a feel-good sonic world where music lovers from around the world could find solace.

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