Kendrick P. has released a music video for his deeply personal song “Get What You Give”

Emerging musical talent Kendrick P. has released a profound new music video that brings his deeply personal lyrics to life. The single “Get What You Give” has already climbed the Urban Top 40 charts, and this accompanying visual narrative is set to amplify his message of empowerment and self-preservation.

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Kendrick P.’s musical journey began in his grandfather’s church, where he cultivated his skills in piano and drums. Infused with the spirit of Memphis, the city celebrated for its blues, rock ‘n roll, and resilient grit, Kendrick’s unique sound is a blend of soulful lyrics, infectious rhythms, and a relatable story of rising above adversity.

According to Kendrick P., “Get What You Give” represents his journey of self-improvement and setting boundaries against those who would take advantage of his generosity. He explains that it’s about reciprocation, not depletion.

The release of the new video comes amid Kendrick P.’s ongoing promotional tour, with upcoming performances and interviews in Houston, Dallas, Shreveport, and Nashville. Fans and critics alike are warmly embracing his powerful message and undeniable talent.

Kendrick P. is poised for an exciting summer with collaborations with GRAMMY-winning producer Teddy Walton in the pipeline. However, his focus remains on his solo work, eager to show listeners that his talent stands on its own merit.

This music video release is a milestone for Kendrick P. and a testament to the timeless talent emanating from Memphis. As Kendrick continues to rise, he carries with him the heart and soul of a city that has consistently produced music legends.

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