KIR drops off his reflective new EP, ‘Hometown Hero’

Life in the streets is hardly an easy one, including for Philadelphia rapper, KIR. For many, growing out of those ways and attempting to do things the straight way sounds a lot easier than it really is. Fortunately, in hip-hop, we welcome those cases with open arms, cause everybody deserves chances to do better. After surviving hell and back by dealing with heartbreak both in the courtroom (legal woes) and on the basketball court (injuries), KIR has one of the more intriguing come up stories right now, and he shares it on his new EP, Hometown Hero.

At 8-tracks, Hometown Hero is an engaging, self-reflective body of work that finds KIR utilizing the 19-minutes as therapy. Throughout the project, he uses songs like, “Diamond in the Rough,” and, “Ghetto Gospel,” to showcase his melodic powers, as well as his poignant lyrical ability on the latter, which accurately describes many of the issues he’s had to deal with on his path to salvation. On of the best qualities about KIR as an artist is his ability to pull from his life and use it in his music.

Other standouts include, “Project Baby,” “It’s Regular” and, “Jiggin.” Serving as the project’s single, “Jiggin,” is a fun, anthemic record that not only showcases his abilities as a rapper, but also his potential as an all around artist as his charisma might be his best export. 

Speaking on the project, he told us, “You don’t got to do what I did. I want y’all to learn from my mistakes.” He continues, “Let the music motivate you to put other n***** on, so they can make a way.”

Check out Hometown Hero above and get familiar with KIR on Twitter or Instagram.