Sid gives an emotional surge in new EP “Bridges”

London based singer-songwriter Sid releases soul-diving EP Bridges. Inspired by his move from Mumbai to London, the three-track release details his hopes of building bridges with people and creating strong, lasting friendships in his new home. It’s clear that Sid is no stranger to crafting songs that will make you think, feel and wonder so deeply into your mind that you can’t help but be moved by his music. Influenced by the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lauv, his music meets in the middle of icy-cool electronic and warm singer-songwriter sounds, creating a perfect base to lay upon the 18-year-old’s atmospheric voice.

Leading single “Bridges” starts with light piano that flows across the clicks and soft beat that introduce the song. Sid’s emotive voice meets a gentler flare of singer-songwriter amongst audio treats of neon-synths and drums, with gentle piano to soften into the emotion of the track. The melodies are memorable and the meaning behind them sink even deeper into your mind. The subtle build ends in a restrained, blooming arrangement of production. It creates so many feelings and elicits a moment to process the lyrics.

Then there is “Fire,” the track carries Sid’s signature piano sound, that holds his voice in a way that the words hit you right in the heart. The stripped back song is beautifully minimal and skeletal in its rawness. Sid’s vocals are haunting. Not only do you experience a wonderful rise of goosebumps head to toe, but a sense of euphoria and sadness. The cinematic build of backing vocals and piano is undeniably a song to freeze you in time. Sid talks about “Fire” saying, “Every bridge has two ends. This song is about seeing the other end of your bridge and wanting to reach it. It is undoubtedly and unashamedly, a love song, and I think it has some of the best verses I have ever written.”

The EP is rich in emotion and feeling throughout the production, vocals, lyrics and meaning, it’s truly a whirlpool of emotive soundscapes. Take a walk across Sid’s bridges and watch the flow of feelings it induces. It’s magical, go listen and enjoy the journey.

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