LACES and Boh Doran revisit their 90’s roots on “In My Room”

LACES is a prevalent pop singer-songwriter who has joined forces with Boh Doran on her latest single “In My Room”. The song is a throwback to the 90s and reminisces on the safe haven that your childhood bedroom offers, even now as an adult.

“In My Room” features crisp guitar riffs, layered harmonies, and iridescent vocals on the surface of the track. The song pulls from LACES’ experience growing up as a 90’s kid and finding sanctuary in music memorabilia such as her Backstreet Boys poster and Alanis Morrisette CD that filled her bedroom. The single takes a retrospective turn and is written about returning to your childhood bedroom as an adult and reflecting on the wonder, curiosity, and teenage rebellion that was a part of LACES’ adolescence. LACES sings, “In my room, yeah, I’m dancing with myself / In my room, I can be somebody else.” Boh Doran and LACES mesh seamlessly as gilded, ethereal vocalists who ruminate on their shared infatuation with 90’s nostalgia on “In My Room”.

LACES has appeared on The Voice and has written music for countless artists. She’s a writer in all aspects of the word and has written for many popular Hasbro cartoons. Her new release “In My Room” is sure to empower 90’s kids everywhere. Take a listen to “In My Room” and slip away on a cathartic journey to the memories of yesterday.

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