Lav takes us through the motions on “Wavvy”

We were huge fans of Lav‘s vulnerable “from me, the moon.” Apparently, written in a mere 15 minutes on Garageband. However “Wavvy,” in its own temperament is just as good.. 

Despite “Wavvy”‘s vocals being equally silken throughout her work (like a kimono in fact), the musicality is otherwise a complete departure from the wistful atmospheric folk we hear on her previous releases, and even generally on Color Study

Taking a hiatus from the ukulele in dark track “Wavvy,” Lav entwines the grungey soundtrack with its own visual thriller. Although gory, revengeful, and fantasy-filled, the video appears to star Lav’s beautiful cat, alongside the musician herself. Somehow, this contrast gives us feels of the absurdity in psychological cat-and-mouse, Killing Eve. 

There is an undeniable part of Lav’s story, which is self-made. Truly responsible for her own fate “Wavvy” breathes this empowerment. The new track shows both a versatility, and outward dimension to the artist, previously unheard in her music. Unlike “from me, the moon,” “Wavvy” feels significantly hardened. It appears the transformation has paid off. Listen above. 

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