Leah Senior shares baroque “Evergreen” music video

Enchanting singer and instrumentalist Leah Senior has just shared her charming new track “Evergreen,” via Flightless Records, label of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. This joyful tune comes after a long wait from Senior, whose last full length album, Pretty Faces, came in 2017. “Evergreen” also comes with an exciting announcement, the release of a new album The Passing Scene slated for release on June 12. Reminiscent of a quirky Beatles ballad, this long awaited effort from Leah Senior is enamoring and whimsical, ringing proudly with a springtime daydream instrumental, but lurking with deeper intimate lyrics under the surface. It also comes with a heavily stylized accompanying music video that is ripe with quaint renaissance era aesthetics.

“Evergreen” has a simple, yet poignant instrumental arrangement with sparkling, twangy guitar riffs, booming piano pulses, and a nice, rudimentary drum beat. The chord progression evolves well, taking listeners for a fun rollercoaster in the short two minute length. The track also features a catchy guitar solo that flows along well and incorporates the main melody in certain portions. Despite the bright and cheery instrumental tones, the lyrics from Leah Senior yearn for progress, improvement, and a step forward. She entails the desire to move along in stride as well as her difficult setbacks, although the personality shining through in her voice and instrumental maintains an optimistic glimmer of hope. Her vocal performance is memorable and unique too; Senior hums along with a matter-of-fact nature that is believable and engaging.

The easygoing sound of “Evergreen” is infectious and light, a truly delightful listen that invokes dancing and self care. Though the lyrics detail hardships in personal growth, they are met with a tone of altruism and ambition. Leah Senior may not feel she’s right where she should be, but she knows she’s on the right track.

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