Leo Sawikin delivers a brand new single “Hold On”

Leo Sawikin, the former frontman of The Chordaes and talented singer-songwriter, has released his highly anticipated new single “Hold On.” Produced by Phil Ek, who has worked on numerous chart-topping hits, the track marks the beginning of a new chapter in Leo Sawikin’s musical journey. “Hold On” is the first of several singles set to be released throughout 2023, leading to the release of Leo Sawikin’s debut album.

The single is now available for streaming on Spotify, where fans and music enthusiasts alike can immerse themselves in the melodic tapestry of Leo Sawikin’s latest masterpiece. With powerful lyrics and a dynamic arrangement, “Hold On” takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster that they won’t soon forget. The song showcases Leo Sawikin’s innate talent and ability to craft introspective and relatable songs.

Leo Sawikin’s artistry knows no bounds, and “Hold On” promises to be a true gem in his repertoire. His enchanting voice and poignant songwriting will take you on a sonic journey. Stay tuned for more upcoming releases from this talented musician as he continues to push the boundaries of musical expression.

Stream Leo Sawikin’s “Hold On” on Spotify. 

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