Tommy Fleece connects with Chloe Moriondo for gritty new single “Pour Me Out”

Detroit artist Tommy Fleece has returned with a new single called “Pour Me Out”. featuring Chloe Moriondo. A member of renowned Detroit record label Assemble Sound‘s roster, Fleece continues his run of eclectic, dynamic singles with “Pour Me Out”, which follows up the lo-fi griminess of his tracks “Tethered” and “Tough” with another glitchy, raw offering.

“Pour Me Out” makes for an exciting, energizing listen- presenting a layered, cacophonous blend of distorted guitars, raw bass, glitchy samples, and atmospheric backing vocals. Following an imposing introduction, warm guitars build beneath Fleece’s engaging vocals before hard-hitting guitar stabs and explosive percussion up the track’s energy to blistering levels. Moriondo follows up with an emotive verse that demonstrates a natural chemistry with Fleece, as glitching percussion adds extra dynamics beneath.

The latest from Detroit’s Tommy Fleece, featuring Chloe Moriondo, “Pour Me Out” presents a gritty, blistering combination of sounds that give it hair-rising dynamics, while refusing to be boxed in to simply one sound or style.

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