Lesley Gore shares a classic remix “You Don’t Own Me” by electronic duo The Heroic Enthusiasts

ECR Music Group dropped a game-changing remix of Lesley Gore‘s classic “You Don’t Own Me” by electronic duo The Heroic Enthusiasts. This bold mashup blends modern beats with Gore’s iconic vocals, bridging generations through the power of music. The duo crafted two distinct versions that pay respect to Gore while capturing youthful rebelliousness.

The remix is part of ECRs deluxe re-release of Gore’s last album “Ever Since”, featuring reimagined classics and new songs. The album shows Gore’s ongoing influence on pop and preserves her one-of-a-kind artistry and producer Blake Morgan led the charge, saying the remix and remaster of “Ever Since” proves Gore’s lasting impact.

Lesley Gore drove the Girl Group era with her Quincy Jones-produced hits that spoke to a whole generation. Now her revolutionary spirit finds fresh expression in The Heroic Enthusiasts dynamic remixes. Their take on “You Don’t Own Me” starts a new voyage, combining past and present to create a timeless sonic experience.

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